To Bidet or Not To Bidet? Time To Consider For Your Bathroom.

By Shad Johnsen CKD

Is it Taboo to talk about the products that are designed only for private settings in our home?  Rarely do you find articles on toilets and bidets, though they are becoming increasingly more available. Usually there are more entertaining items to discuss.  

This topic is more refreshing, if you will, than you might think.  Some discussion and information may help educate us more.  By the way, when you are looking for advice or help, note that many kitchen designers, dealers and contractors are also well versed in the bathroom arena as well!

How many of us have ever used a bidet?  In the United States, usually very few.  So, why plan a bidet into your next bathroom? states:  

Bidets are extremely popular throughout much of Europe, but they’re still a rarity in the U.S. There are a number of theories on why the bidet never took off here. One is that during the great indoor plumbing revolution, bidets happened to be associated with French prostitutes. Another is that Americans are too prudish and/or practical to spend money on two bowel-related fixtures, particularly if space in the bathroom is tight. And then there’s also simply habit. We’ve always done it this way, so why change?  Nonetheless, bidets are slowly steaming into luxury markets. Acolytes say using bidets is more hygienic than using toilet paper, easier on the earth, and easier on your plumbing. No more toilet paper to clog up the drain! (Or less of it, certainly.) points out:

The typical American response to seeing a bidet in a bathroom is to raise an eyebrow or snicker, but to the rest of the civilized world, bidets are rather common. Bidets simply provide extra comfort and cleaning in the bathroom, better cleaning, in fact, than standard toilet paper. They can be especially useful for those with certain medical conditions, physical disabilities, and pregnant women, but even if you don’t fall into any of those categories, you can still enjoy the benefits of a bidet.

Now that others have covered the sensitive topics, here are some features you can consider for bidets:

  1. Heated-  warmer seats mean more comfortable experience.
  2. Pulsating and massage-  Water is one of the best cleansers available, and adding variation gives multiple options for use, just like our showers.
  3. Dryer-  This feature eliminates the need for toilet paper completely.
  4. Deodorizer- What a pleasant feature to add.
  5. Remote Control-  For some, bending over to access controls may be difficult.

Bidet options come in a full unit similar to a toilet, where you need space dedicated just to the bidet.  You can also get very popular and affordable bidet seats that replace a standard toilet seat, and can be operated only when needed or desired.  Finally, there are convenient travel size bidet sprays that can fit in your suitcase or purse for use in any bathroom anytime.

It doesn’t take very long to realize that bidet’s can be very hygienically beneficial.  Consider one for your next project.